Installation Instructions: 100mm House Numbers and Letters

house number flush mount

All 100mm high House Numbers orders come with a print out of DIY installation instructions. Below we've also detailed them in case your instructions have gone missing, or you're just wanting to get prepared. 

Step 1

Gather your supplies: house numbers, spirit level, masking tape, suitable glue [eg Liquid Nails] old towel. When handling your number take care to prevent any scratches on the face.

house number install instructions

Step 2

Thoroughly clean the surface you plan to affix your numbers to, removing any dirt, dust or paint flakes. Ensure there is no residual moisture before continuing to the next step.

clean the install surface

Step 3

Using a spirit level and masking tape, create a horizontal line of tape to mark the bottom of the numbers.

house number install spirit level

Step 4

Place all numbers on the ground to determine position and spacing. Apply two additional strips of vertical tape to mark the left and right. One number at a time, place them upside down on a towel and apply your adhesive.

house number install - apply glue

Step 5

Place the numbers in their desired position pushing to spread the glue, while being careful not to expose excess glue on the sides. Use a strip of masking tape to hold securely in place.

hold house numbers in position with tape

Step 6

Once the glue is completely dry, carefully remove the masking tape holding the numbers in position. Clean off any excess glue with a non-abrasive damp towel.

carefully remove tape from house number


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