Exploring the Influence of Feng Shui on House Numbers

Feng Shui House Numbers

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese geomantic practice, harnesses energy forces to create harmony between individuals and their environment. This practice, deeply rooted in the philosophy of Taoism, extends beyond mere interior design and furniture arrangement. It encompasses a broader spectrum, including the often-overlooked aspect of house numbers. In this article, we delve into the fascinating realm of feng shui and its implications on house numbers, exploring how these numerical symbols can potentially influence the energy of your home.

Understanding Feng Shui House Numbers

To appreciate the impact of house numbers in feng shui, it's essential to understand the two primary methods of interpretation:

Individual Number Analysis: This approach examines each digit separately, particularly relevant for repeated numbers like 11. Each number holds specific energy and meaning in feng shui.

Cumulative Number Calculation: For multi-digit numbers without repetition, such as 132, this method involves adding the digits until a single-digit number is obtained (1+3+2 = 6). In feng shui, each single-digit number carries its unique significance, with some being particularly auspicious.

Deciphering the Meanings of Numbers in Feng Shui

Each number in feng shui is imbued with a distinct energy, categorised as either auspicious (positive) or inauspicious (negative). Here's a brief overview:

Number 4: Often avoided due to its association with the word for 'death' in Chinese.

Number 5: Represents rapid change, which can be unsettling.

Number 7: Linked to solitude and secrecy, it can imply isolation.

Conversely, numbers like 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are seen as lucky, each with its unique symbolism:

Number 0: Symbolizes infinite potential and balanced energy.

Number 1: Associated with new beginnings, leadership, and independence.

Number 2: Represents harmony, partnership, and duality.

Number 3: Indicates creativity, growth, and the life stages.

Number 6: Signifies calmness, compassion, and family nurturing.

Number 8: One of the luckiest numbers, it denotes wealth, prosperity, and wisdom.

Number 9: Embodies accomplishment, transformation, and completion.


The bagua, an essential tool in feng shui, offers insights into how numbers interact with the energy map of a space. Each number corresponds to a specific area and element in the bagua, influencing aspects like career, partnership, family, and wealth.

Choosing the Right Material for Feng Shui House Numbers

In feng shui, the material of your house numbers also plays a vital role. While stone and glass are not unfavourable, they should be used with care. Metals like high-quality aluminium are preferred for their connotations of strength and clarity [great news for Peninsula House Numbers customers, as all of our numbers and plaques are manufactured from 8mm solid aluminium!]

Aesthetic Considerations in Feng Shui House Numbers

The visual appeal and placement of house numbers are crucial in feng shui. It's recommended to choose numbers that resonate with your personal style and enhance the home's energy flow. Our store offers a range of options, from modern to traditional styles, various fonts, finishes, and sizes to ensure a harmonious fit with your home's architecture.

Optimal Placement for Feng Shui House Numbers

The placement of house numbers should ideally be near or above the main entrance, depending on the orientation of your home. This positioning is believed to guide positive energy effectively into your space. For instance, numbers on a north-facing home are best placed on the left side of the entrance, while south-facing homes benefit from right-side placement.


Understanding the feng shui implications of house numbers can be a fascinating and enriching endeavour. Whether you're selecting new numbers for your home or simply curious about their energetic influence, considering their meanings, materials, aesthetics, and placement can contribute significantly to the harmonious energy of your living space. 

If you're looking to add positive vibes to your home, check out our collection of modern house numbers, customisable to your preferences, and designed to align with feng shui principles. If you’re in a hurry, our ready-to-ship options are posted within 1-2 days, ensuring you can swiftly enhance your home's feng shui.

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