Every decision we make as consumers and businesses has some effect on the environment. We believe all businesses should strive to make responsible decisions that consider their effect on our environment. 

Here's some of the things we do at Peninsula House Numbers to operate in a more sustainable way.


All our house numbers and plaques are manufactured using aluminium. Aluminium's recyclability, lightweight, durability, energy efficiency, and low carbon footprint make it an environmentally friendly material choice for a range of products and applications.  

Aluminium is often considered environmentally friendly for several reasons:

  1. Recyclability: Aluminium is 100% recyclable, meaning it can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality or purity. Recycling aluminium uses significantly less energy than producing new aluminium from raw materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

  2. Lightweight: Aluminium is a lightweight metal, which makes it an ideal material for transportation and packaging. Using aluminium in place of heavier materials like steel can reduce the weight of a vehicle or packaging, resulting in less fuel consumption and emissions during transportation.

  3. Durability: Aluminium is a durable material that can resist corrosion, rust, and other forms of degradation, which means that products made from aluminium have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.


The paper we use for printing install templates and packing slips is FSC Certified which means that it is sourced from sustainably managed forests. 


Wherever possible, we use the minimum amount of packaging necessary to protect your purchase.

We use Hexelwrap paper void fill rather than plastic alternatives.

The snap lock bags and shrink wrap used is from BioGone. It can be recycled with soft plastics through REDcycle and biodegrades in landfill with no microplastics.

Our kraft boxes are made from 70% recycled materials, are recyclable and biodegradable.

To seal our boxes, we use water activated paper tape from Woodruff and Co and self adhesive paper tape.