Selecting a finish for your house number

Choosing a finish or colour for your house number is an important decision. Along with choice of font style and size, this will have a significant impact on the final look of your number.

There's two key factors to consider when selecting the finish; 1. Design considerations 2. Functional considerations.

1. Design considerations

Everyone's sense of style is different. Some people have a preference for certain colour combinations over others. A general design principle in selecting a house number colour is the element of contrast. Contrast refers to something that is obviously different to something else. Within the area of house numbers, contrast would refer to the difference in colour between the colour or finish of a house number, and the colour / finish of the background surface. The greater the difference, the more the number will stand out, and be easily visible from the street.

The other more intangible design consideration is a personal preference of one colour over another. Some people prefer a matt black house number, others prefer a matt white, while others will prefer a brushed aluminium. None is "right", it's simply a matter pf personal preference.

2. Functional considerations

A second factor in selecting a house number finish is the difference the finish makes from a corrosion protection perspective. All of our house numbers and letters are made from 8mm thick aluminium. While aluminium will not rust, over time it may show signs of corrosion. Yo can learn more about corrosion in aluminium here.

Our matt black and matt white powder coated numbers are all finished with a chromate treatment to maximise durability, particularly important in costal areas.

Our brushed aluminium house numbers are treated with four coats of anti-corrosion protection to maximise durability.

If you live in a costal area or are concerned with the long term durability of your number, then we recommend a powder coated finish.



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