Tips for selecting your house number size

Every house is in some way unique. Add to that, the uniqueness of our personal style and taste, means there's no 'one size fits all' solution for house numbers!

While our most popular house number size is 15cm high, this is not necessarily the best option for every situation. We're BIG fans of large house numbers, and and the significant impact they can make on a property. 

There's a number of factors to consider when selecting a house number size, we've summarised some of the key considerations below.

1. House number size and distance from street

The primary purpose of a house number is to assist in helping people easily find your home. With this in mind, the further your house number is from the street, the larger it should be for it to stand out and be legible.

If you're planning on mounting your number on your front fence, from a practical perspective, it doesn't need to be overly large. You may still opt for a large house number in this situation more based on aesthetic reasons rather than functional reasons.

2. Consider the mounting surface

If your intended mounting surface is narrow but high, rather than selecting a house number in a small font height, you could choose to stack your number for greater impact.

Unlike plaque style numbers, all of our house numbers are designed to be mounted individually which allows the option of stacking the numbers.

3. Choice of house number font and it's bold-ness

Some fonts are designed to be more bold than others. This plays an important role with assisting with readability from the street, and plays in to the font size. If you select a font such as our 'Elwood' font with it's thin lines, then you may wish to consider a larger font size.

elwood house number font

If however your preference is for a more bold font such as our Mount Eliza font, then it may be possible to have an impact with a smaller font size. 

mount eliza house number font 

4. Impact of colour choice

A final consideration in selecting a large house number is your choice of colour, and the impact on readability form a distance. 

Our general rule of thumb is to go with a house number colour that contrasts the surface you're mounting to. For example if you're mounting on to a grey concrete, a black number will provide contrast and assist ion standing out. This is not a hard and fast rule however, as a black on black or white on white can also look great!


Overall, the key considerations to keep in mind when you're choosing a house number size is the space available, distance from the street, choice of house number font and colour, plus... your personal style preference.

Our house numbers come in a range of size options; 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40cm heights. For more info you can see them here.


📷: Tesssa Hop

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